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What Is Mindfulness?

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(What Is Series: A Comprehensive Guide to Mind, Body & Spirit) by Tamara Russell Paperback

Mindfulness is finally in the eye of the public storm, but with that storm come misconceptions. Neuroscientist, clinical psychologist and mindfulness teacher Dr. Tamara Russell will guide you through and demystify the true and poignant nature and health benefits of mindfulness, allowing you to understand how one thing has helped so many people to tame their racing minds and live with awareness, including:

#What does mindfulness really mean and what are the benefits?
#How does it actually work?
#Where does it come from?
#How can I get the most from it?
#What are the future possibilities with it?

All in the form of a decisive Q&A format, coupled with practical exercises that will let you explore the art of mindfulness, What is Mindfulness will take you behind the scenes of this life-changing practice.


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