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Join Tamara on Sunday afternoons in Herne Hill from 2-5pm for a full mind-body extravaganza. 

Training takes place at Fison Fitness. All levels are welcome – you are asked to bring an open mind and the intention to train to the best of your current ability. It is suggested you wear loose comfortable clothes and light sports shoes (you can also go bare feet).  If you have any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

First class is free to attend.

2 – 3pm Kung Fu

Kung Fu training in the Shaolin style suitable for all ages. This class can be as high energy as you wish and if you want to be pushed you will be. However, you can also go at your own pace – just join in. This is not a formal class (no uniform required) rather we like to have fun and train hard. Covering the basics of punching, kicking, blocking and short sparring sequences, this class will give you a full body workout. Emphasis is placed on the mental orientation brought to moving the body in this dynamic and fluid way. Suitable for all levels. Please ensure you talk to Tamara to let her know if you have any injuries prior to the class.
Price: £7 Concessions £5

3 – 4pm Tai Chi Chu’an

Predominantly teaching the Yang style of Tai Chi Ch’uan, this class really focuses on the integration of mind (intention) and body (movements and static postures). We train small sections of the modern Yang forms interspersed with other movements from Bagua and Wudang styles for variety.  The focus is on training the internal and external principles of Tai Chi Ch’uan rather than specific forms. Suitable for all levels.
Price: £7 Concessions £5

4 – 5pm Mindfulness Training Drop-In

Suitable for all levels. Come and join this guided 45 minutes of mindfulness practice. Typically we do a practice and then allow time for some discussion of the experience afterwards.  Please bring cushions, blankets or whatever you will need to be comfortable as we practice. Suitable for all levels.
Donations (suggestion £5)

Tamara is a member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

She obtained a Blackbelt in Kung Fu from the Dung Sai Do Shaolin System in 2002 and holds an Instructor Qualification from the Barbados Wushu Tai Chi Federation for the 18 Tai Chi Chi Gong sequence (2006).

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