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Dr. Tamara Russell is a neuroscientist, author, clinical psychologist, martial arts expert and leading innovator in the well-being space. 

She has helped people all around the world transform their lives using her ground-breaking applied brainwise techniques for living well.

These applied translational neuroscience tools allow everyone the chance to make better decisions in line with their core values and live well.


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When we design programs with the brain in mind, we optimise our ability to respond flexibly to the constantly changing environments in which we need to operate.

With two PhDs and a blackbelt in Shaolin Kung Fu, Tamara's work integrates mind, brain and body in a totally unique approach to well-being and thriving that combines movement, neuroscience and creativity. Her three core programs include Body in Mind Training, Brainwise Mindfulness and The Dragon Way to Mental Wealth (and for Families and Young People - What Colour is Your Dragon?).

These programs have been offered across corporate, education, health and creative sectors, where Tamara teaches groups and individuals in the public and private sector how to thrive. Her clients include "Magic Circle" legal firms, and financial institutions, NHS trusts, arts organizations, educators and students, professional athletes, and journalists.


When we study movement, we get to the heart of our mental, emotional and physical experience. These movements underpin all our actions in the world.

Tamara is involved in international research investigating how mindfulness changes the structure of the brain. She lectures in Neuroscience and Mindfulness at Kings College London. She is regularly invited to speak on Mindfulness around the globe, appearing both on stage, radio and on-line. This work informs her applied translational neuroscience approach to well-being.


Being involved in the most cutting edge of scientific research ensures that the latest insights from neuroscience can be woven into program design.

Tamara is the Founder and Co-Director of a not for profit organization The Mindfulness Centre of Excellence. This organization was founded in 2011 after sharing the stage with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Sao Paulo, Brazil at a symposium exploring how ancient contemplative technologies can inform the challenges of modern living.

Tamara is the author of three books Mindfulness in Motion, #whatismindfulness, and What Colour is Your Dragon?


"Working with Tamara and with her body in mind approach has been life changing. Tamara offers a warm and compassionate space during our sessions together to work through even the most sensitive of personal issues in a comfortable and sincere way. But better yet, the tools that she teaches mean I am able to continue making even bigger and further strides alone in between sessions. I would recommend Tamara's approach to anyone, whether it be looking to apply more mindfulness to their daily lives, and to anyone who needs an empathetic and genuine helping hand through life's more difficult situations."



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